The Logistics


  1. Before your first order, you’ll fill out a brief form letting us know if you have any food allergies or aversions, and any specific nutrition goals (besides wanting to fuel your active lifestyle with healthy, awesome whole food meals).
  1. You’ll choose how many meals per week will best suit your lifestyle and we’ll schedule delivery accordingly; usually twice a week, depending on how many meals you order.
  1. You’ll get healthy, nutritious, made-from-scratch meals delivered to your door in a reusable cooler bag with biodegradable containers and reusable mason jars. At the next delivery, we’ll pick up your dirty mason jars and the tote bag. Just like the milkman, but with really healthy, delicious, creative, eatable “milk.” You’ll get the menu details emailed to you the night before your delivery, as well as info about each meal’s health benefits.
  1. You’ll receive an email each Thursday to check in and see if you want some Wholly Fit Foods for the next week. You’ll respond by Friday afternoon if you do. No big commitment, just a friendly check-in.


Here are the basic weekly plans:

  • $100: 5 Lunches
  • $205: 5 Lunches, 3 dinners
  • $275: 5 lunches, 5 dinners

Delivery is FREE, cause that’s the kind of business we run.

If you want to add meals (maybe you’re havin’ a special friend over?), no problem, just let us know whether it’s an additional day for you, or an additional meal for someone else. If you want an amount of meals that totals less than $100, then a $15 charge for delivery for the week may apply.

As of right now, WFF doesn’t do breakfast. If this is something you think you want, just ask! Let’s talk about it (honestly, we’ll make just about anything work to ensure you get the healthy meals you want).

If the plans above don’t work for your lifestyle, we can always piece together something that works for you:

  • Lunches: $20
  • Dinners: $35


You can also add any of the following to your order:

  • Jar of homemade dips: $20 for 16oz; $10 for 8oz
    • roasted red pepper hummus
    • cucumber yogurt tzatziki
    • olive tapenade
    • sundried tomato hummus
    • classic hummus
  • Jar of homemade nuts: $20 for 16oz; $10 for 8oz
    • maple spiced almonds, cashews, walnuts
    • rosemary garlic almonds
  • Batch of Chickpea Blondies: $40
    • Chickpeas, organic 74% dark chocolate, organic almond butter, and a few other ingredients make this a gluten free, vegan, gooey, delicious favorite. A batch has 9 servings.
  • Something Else You Really Like: If you love something and want a large batch order of it, just tell us! We can work something out.


WFF can build a catering menu, based on what you want your evening to feature, that includes an appetizer or two, an entrée, and a dessert. We deliver to you, you put it in the oven to reheat, everyone thinks you made it, and you become a star host. Everybody wins. Email us and let’s talk about it!

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