The Basics

Wholly Fit Foods is a new Brooklyn-based health food meal delivery service. Upon making the transition to healthier eating, we were disappointed to find that healthy food often left us unsatisfied, or bored, or both. So we experimented with recipes and preparation techniques until we created wholly satisfying options. After sharing some of these awesome meals with friends, who then asked us to make more for them on a consistent basis, Wholly Fit Foods (WFF) became a fully fledged operation. All meals are:

  • DELICIOUS. They’re tasty, satisfying, and widely varied. If a meal leaves you unsatisfied, you’ll be tempted to reach for some processed, easy, and unhealthy snack. We’ve tested a LOT of health food recipes and substitutions to ensure these meals won’t do that to you.
  • NUTRITIOUS. Nutrition is the centerpiece of WFF menu planning. With a certification in Fitness Nutrition and an ongoing mission to learn more about health and nutrition, we’re armed with the means (and passion) to feed you responsibly.
  • HOMEMADE. WFF only uses fresh ingredients — local and organic as much as possible — and avoids any pre-packaged products. Just real whole foods. If we do happen to use something packaged as an element of a meal (like stock or tomato sauce), we choose a product with no additives or preservatives — just a handful of ingredients, all recognizable and pronounceable.

What you put in your body is the basis for your health and well being, and it should be natural, delicious, and satisfying. That’s what Wholly Fit Foods is setting out to accomplish.

Our food is not strictly vegan, or gluten free, or dairy free, or raw, or strictly anything at all (unless you need it to be because of allergies / intolerances, in which case, be sure to list that on your client info sheet). Being fit as a whole means eating a healthy, balanced array of foods. Sometimes meals won’t have any meat or dairy, sometimes they will. Sometimes there will be a little gluten involved. Don’t be scared. WFF is here to make all those weird choices for you. All you have to do is open the box / jar / package, maybe reheat a little bit, and enjoy. Like, REALLY enjoy.

The meals currently offered are:

  • LUNCHES: these usually come with some sort of snack, unless it’s an especially hearty lunch that doesn’t need a sidekick.
  • DINNERS: these come with EITHER an appetizer OR a dessert. Usually it’s dessert, because they are way more fun, but, you know. It goes both ways.
  • ALL OF THE THINGS: are a surprise. The night before a delivery you receive an email with a full description of the meals we’ll be bringing you, but menus are designed around what’s in season, what exciting new recipes may surface, and what will provide a well-balanced week, so you can’t pick and choose each item. But trust us, they have all been taste-tested and approved, and you won’t be disappointed. And if you let us know your favorites, we’ll bring them back into rotation for you often.

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